Szkoła letnia - Uniwersytet w Bogazici (Stambuł)

Zapraszamy do skorzystania z oferty szkoły letniej przekazanej nam przez Biuro KRASP.

Informacje z Ambasady Turcji dotyczące szkoły letniej, organizowanej przez Uniwersytet w Bogazici (Stambuł) w terminie 16 czerwca – 9 sierpnia 2016:

“Boğaziçi University Summer Term is an intensive seven-week program offering a rich variety of courses in the social and natural sciences, humanities, engineering and technology. All lectures are in English, unless otherwise specified. Summer Term begins in the last week of June and end by mid-August. Summer term courses are available to all university students in Turkey or abroad and to graduates of high school who are already accepted to a higher education institution abroad. All applicants must fulfill the English proficiency requirements of Boğaziçi University except for students coming from universities where the official language of instruction is English.

All Summer Term students may enjoy social facilities and cultural activities at Boğaziçi University. There are tennis courts, an open swimming pool in the South Campus, an indoor swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness center in Hisar Campus, as well as a football field and a running track in Ucaksavar Campus. You may access library resources with your Boğaziçi University Student Identity Card that will be provided by the Summer Term Office.

Superdorm and Ucaksavar Dorms are located in the Ucaksavar Campus and will provide accommodation to Summer Term Students. The dorms are 10 minutes walking distance from South Campus and 10 minutes from all major shopping centers (Akmerkez, Metrocity, Kanyon, and Levent Carsi).”